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CLASS Bookstore is where knowledge meets fashion and community is born.

CLASS was founded by two book-lovers,

David & Dara Landry, who both sought to bring
together their love for reading and fashion, while filling a

void in their community of a Black-owned bookstore.

Believing that the acquisition of knowledge can transform
generations, they set out on a journey to not just build a

bookstore, but to create a culture for people who love discovery.

In their pursuit to find out how to bring this to
fruition, they were able to gather the elements of what they believe it takes to foster the
creation of CLASS Bookstore:

Consistency, Credibility, Collaboration, Creativity.

Whether it is finding your child's summer reading assignment, your book club choice for the month, or a greeting card to congratulate your friend, CLASS Bookstore is here for you.

Tell a friend about us. CLASS is your bookstore.

CLASS is in session.

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