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Be Encouraged.

I remember one of the first times I heard this song. It was in the mid to late 90s, riding in my mom’s car, going to my middle school bus stop.

The song‘s hook is so simple, but the message was powerful: “Be encouraged / no matter what’s going on / He’ll make it alright / But you gotta stay strong.”

This song has stuck with me through all of those car rides to that bus stop in Trinity

Gardens. Years later, when Spotify let you create playlists, I decided to make a playlist. It’s called the the, yep, you guessed it, “Be Encouraged playlist.

I want to share the link with you below and I hope you enjoy it. More importantly, I hope that you are greatly impacted by this playlist, as much as its namesake impacted me, so many years ago.

Make It Happen,

David Landry

Luminary Engineer (Lightbulb Changer)

CLASS Bookstore

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