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Indie Bookstore Day/Week Was Wonderful

This past weekend was a blast!

Da Dooster & I celebrated Indie Bookstore Day by going to the West Coast and, I must say, we had a wonderful time out there (pictures below in the gallery).

While out there, we had the opportunity to visit with the bookstore that inspired us to open our business, Eso Won in Leimert Park, near Crewshaw. Mr. James (the salesman and co-owner was there and he shared with us that they had the prestigious honor of being interviewed by both Issa Rae and President Obama, in celebration of Indie Bookstore Day).

We also went to two other bookstores: Malik Bookstore (another Black owned store) & Other Books Store (a Latinx owned shop that sold books, vintage clothing, and vinyl records).

Check out these pictures from our trip, as we send our love and thanks to the customers we had during this past celebration!

Make It Happen,

David Landry

Luminary Engineer (Lightbulb Changer)

CLASS Bookstore

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