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June Was A Whirlwind... of Fun! (June 2021 Recap)

"How did we do this month?" is the real question.

Greetings #CLASSMates,

So, check it out: we had a total of 4 different pop-up experiences this month. 4 different spaces. 4 different outcomes, none of which were bad because we profited financially from all of them.

Being a Northside Houston native (5th Ward is from where I originate), I am a smidge biased when it comes to the events that happen out there. So, when we got invited to come back out to the Independence Heights, we could not turn down that opportunity. What meant a great deal to us, being new entrepreneurs, is the fact that there was a place where, no matter what, I was guaranteed a place to vend my wares to the public, with no fear of direct competition.

Of course, we would be foolish to believe that competition would never exist, but we wanted to be most intentional to allow for everyone to not only have a seat at the proverbial table, but more importantly, be able to eat from said take and, if allowed, be able to have their fair share.

In spite of the weather, we did fairly well at our table. When leaving our residence, we decided that we would not just ask for a great day in sales, but we would ask for a couple more things:

* the space/time to have meaningful conversations with potential customers

* the ability to sow seeds that sprout roots in the community at large

* the chance to foster relationships with new customers/supporters

I am happy to report that we got ALL THREE!

#SHOUTOUT to Mrs. Tanya, Dee from OSD, and all of the other people who made a concerted effort to come and support us with their dollars. It meant a great deal.

Now, moving on next thing that we did after the pop-up, we decided to head to the Screw Shop. It was a glorious time to see that place buzzing with activity. Dara had never been and my last time there was almost too far away to remember (almost!).

For native Houstonians who are excited about all things musical in the city, this place is like Harlem's ALLAH School for 5 Percenters:

*rich in history

* teaching the children about that history

* giving people who come, a chance to patronize the business by buying into a piece/sample of the culture (i.e. - a shirt, a CD, etc.)

Dara bought herself and something else for someone special.

We had such a great time with you today. We also thank you for the continued support.

We will book some dates for July soon, so keep it locked on our profiles.

Make It Happen,

David Landry

Luminary Engineer (Lightbulb Changer)

CLASS Bookstore

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