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Today Is A Special Day! Happy Birthday to Martin Luther King!

Growing up, I always was familiar with the impact of this man, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Feel free to look him up on Wikipedia for the full rundown of his life, because it is a LOT to include here. I will say that his birthday was a HUGE deal in my house, because born on the EXACT SAME DAY, was my great aunt, Willie Pearl Harris, who I called "Grandma":

This woman was a huge part of our family, in that she was the matriarch, with a capital M. She developed my mother from a child to a woman, and she even helped to raise me. So loving, so caring, so devoted. If you see me in the streets and you want to talk about "Audrey" (another family nickname), ask me about her, don't be shy!

Lastly, there are two videos that I play during this time and I would suggest that you do the same. They are below:

This is the last 3 minutes of Dr. King's last speech, the night before he died. I cry when I watch it because I felt like he knew the end was near.

This song, Happy Birthday To Ya, from the Hotter Than July album, by the great musical legend, Stevie Wonder, was written for Dr. King, as a commemoration of his birthday and for the sole purpose of pushing his birthday to be recognized as a US National Holiday. It took a while, but lo and behold, it is here! So, there you have it. I love this day and I hope that after today, you will love it, too!

Make It Happen,

David Landry

Luminary Engineer (Lightbulb Changer)

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