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We Got Many Ways To Pay.

Hey Classmate (I think that is how I will refer to you, the reader(s) of this blog. It just feels right).

When putting this store together, one of the main bullet points on "Ye Olde Business Plan" was making our products accessible to as many customers as possible, regardless of price point, age of customer, etc. Literacy is that important to us, but we are a for-profit business as well. So, the question is how do we mitigate that? We do so by creating as many ways for people to buy our goods as possible.

We have a number of different means that we had to be eligible to even offer to you: Affirm & Sezzle.

Information about Affirm can be found below:

Information about Sezzle can be found below:

Paypal is the old faithful digital cash app. It will continue to be the standard and eventually, will be the way that people can pay for things in both the digital space and the brick and mortar space as well.

Cashapp is probably one of the greatest inventions ever. It allows you to move in a cashless way, pretty freely. It is a less bulky app than Paypal, which makes it more acceptable to the younger market. I think that Cashapp has become a quickly accepted way to operate in the pop-up market space.

All that to say, I am truly excited that we, the staff at CLASS Bookstore, are able to offer all of these ways for you to purchase your cherished items. We don't take that lightly, which is why we had to make it so.

Make It Happen,

David Landry

Luminary Engineer (Lightbulb Changer)

CLASS Bookstore

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